Yvonne Johnson Music Original Piano Pieces, Arrangements and Resources for Students

Fun & Easy 2 - 6 Easy Piano Pieces With Lyrics Levels 1 - 2

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Yvonne Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
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6 pieces composed especially for Level 1 - 2 students, with descriptive titles and lyrics to help performers convey the character of the music. This 2nd book has been written using easy hand positions, with some pieces introducing students to playing "out of position".

1. Summertime At The Beach Level 1 With Lyrics 1 Page

In G position, this happy piece describes the fun of a day at the beach. F# is introduced and there is a move out of position for the RH.

2. The Golden Butterfly Level 1 With Lyrics 1 Page

Inspired by a beautiful Monarch butterfly landing on my shoulder in the garden, this piece uses the pedal and there is a move out of position for the RH

3. After School Level 1 With Lyrics 1 Page

A fairly quick piece in 3/4 time with lyrics describing the joys of riding a bike. This piece is in G Major five finger position with hands playing together at the end.

4. Choc'late Sundaes Level 1 With Lyrics 2 Pages

A bright, happy piece with "yummy sounding" lyrics. There is some pedal used in this piece and both hands play an octave higher in the last line.

5. Bells Are Ringing Level 2 With Lyrics 2 Pages

Gently moving piece with sustained whole (semibreve) notes in the LH. This piece is in
C Major five finger position with moves to different octaves. The pedal in the last line is used to imitate the sound of bells chiming.

6. A Dizzy Game Level 2 With Lyrics 1 Page

Written for every child who has ever rolled down a grassy hill. Eighth (quaver) notes
are used in this hands together piece with RH playing a C Major scale at the end.
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10 май 2018


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