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Piano Duets Bk.2 - 6 Easy Duets Levels 1 - 2

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Yvonne Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
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6 easy piano duets, written especially for Level 1-2 students have now been compiled into one convenient album. All the duets use easy hand positions, with minimal movement needed in either hand. For easier reading, Treble and Bass staves have been used for both Primo and seccondo parts. These 6 duets are still available separately if preferred.

The Ice Cream Van - Level 1 Duet. 3 Pages Each Part.
In the key of A Minor, this lyrical duet was inspired by the sound of the ice cream van making its way around the streets. Dotted half notes (dotted minims) in the Secondo part provides a finger pedal technique and should be played legato.

Boogie For Two - Level 1 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
A lively and fun duet. Each part is written using easy hand positions. Secondo plays a familiar walking bass with some movement from the C pattern to the F pattern.

The Koi Pond - Level 1 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
A peaceful and gently flowing duet requiring a good legato technique. Semibreve (whole) notes in the Secondo part provide a finger legato effect and should be played as legato as possible.

Sunshine Rag - Level 1 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
Fairly quick duet in ragtime style. The usual quaver (eighth), crotchet (quarter) rhythm of a typical rag has been simplified with basic note values more familiar to beginner level students.

A Super-Happy Day! - Level 2 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
A joyous and lively Level 2 piano duet, inspired by a sunny spring morning spent in the garden. Primo has a position change to a tone higher in the B section. Rests have been omitted where both hands share the same staff for a cleaner, less cluttered score.

Fast Train - Level 1 Duet 2. Pages Each Part.
A happy duet conveying the joy of riding on a fast moving train as it travels through town and countryside. The Secondo gives this duet its the drive and momentum with the Primo playing a happy, lyrical melody.
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