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Piano Duets Bk.1 - 5 Easy Duets For Beginner - Level 1

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Yvonne Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
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5 easy piano duets, written especially for Beginner to Level 1 students have now been compiled into one convenient album.. All the duets are in the key of C Major using easy hand positions, with minimal movement needed in either hand. For easier reading, Treble and Bass staves have been used for both Primo and Secondo parts. These 5 duets are still available separately if preferred.

Dance For Two - Level 1 Duet. 1 Page Each Part.
A happy, flowing duet, written especially for 2 young piano students who were also students at the local dance school. In the key of C Major with easy hand positions.

Walking Bass Boogie - Level 1 Duet. 1 Page Each Part.
Fairly quick duet, written for 2 young piano students who loved "bluesy" pieces with walking basses. In the key of C Major with easy hand positions.

The Happy Dance - Level 1 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
This lively and happy duet uses only basic note values. Both Primo and Secondo play in C Major 5 finger position, with both parts taking turns playing broken chords and staccato passages.

Little Star, Shining Bright - Level 1 Duet. 2 Pages Each Part.
A very easy, gentle and lyrical duet composed especially for Beginner/Level 1 piano students.
Both Primo and Secondo parts are written in Middle C position with the Primo part playing 2 octaves higher than written. Secondo part should be played legato throughout.

The Bicycle Waltz - Level 1 Duet. 3 Pages Each Part.
A lively and happy duet in 3/4 time. Conveying images of a sunny afternoon bike ride, this duet uses easy hand positions and note values. Both hands remain in position throughout the duet. The Primo part plays in Middle C position an octave higher than written.
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08 фев 2017


Yvonne Johnson 06.09.2017

Thank you so much for your kind comments, I like writing duets and I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Михайло Чеботарь 02.09.2017

It consists of many parts aki complement each other. Very beautiful and wonderful composition.

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