Yvonne Johnson Music Original Piano Pieces, Arrangements and Resources for Students


Yvonne Johnson

Yvonne Johnson is an experienced teacher with diplomas in Teaching and Theory of Music from Trinity College of Music (London). Retiring after 30 years as a private piano teacher, Yvonne now devotes her time to composing and providing teaching pieces and resources for piano teachers and students.

Yvonne has a passion for improvisation and composition. The majority of Yvonne's output are piano pieces written especially for students. These are mostly short 1 or 2 page studies aimed at developing technique.

Yvonne loves composing and is interested in all genres of music, working mostly in classical, contemporary, blues and jazz styles and encourages all students to have a go at composing their own music.

Apart from original compositions, Yvonne also enjoys arranging music for other instrumental combinations, her most recent being traditional pieces arranged for Orff ensemble.